nada, perhaps.

…because friendship and intimacy are subjective, and there isn’t a widely used scale researchers share to define those concepts across studies. Closeness can be particularly squishy. 

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in the shower i become
of all the wounds i didn’t know i had

scratches from god knows where
i’ve been, a cut
on my calf that wouldn’t heal

purple bruises from last year retreat,
“cooking accident”, did that
fool you, there’s just too many

i can’t explain

some mistakes are permanent
others continue carrying the weight
i know, sorry i broke you, this has been

weighing me too,

do they still hurt because now
i do not feel safe loving
anyone like this ever again


Sometimes I felt that there was something physical connecting us, a long rope that stretched between Boston and Portland: when she tugged on her end, I felt it on mine. Wherever she went, wherever I went, there it would be, that shining twined string that stretched and pulled but never broke, our every movement reminding us of what we would never have again.

Hanya Yanagihara


if you hear me pausing in between sentences and stopping before the story ends it is because some stories aren’t to tell—

if you see me ending my words too soon it is because i hear and i hear it loud, hearts are breaking, they don’t mend—

if you’re there when i am changing direction it is because of my generosity to protect every little thing at stake always wins me over—

so forgive me if i’m stopping mid-sentence, i am a living staccato, pausing— never fully realise a full stop—