gassy research that will giantly aid humanity.

In a dream, you wouldn’t,
shouldn’t be working, so I wouldn’t, couldn’t get to miss you,
      not in this sweetly

      boring way. Or
you would, in the dream, be working, but on Jupiter,
      performing very important
extremely scientific research on the gas giant. Gassy research
      that will giantly aid humanity, no,

every last earthling,
amazing! But darling, my dearheartling. My
myling, it would
gore me to miss you
that much.

Quintessence: the Quotidian/Chen Chen (continued).

the worst happened. we will never be surprised ever again.

Why is it so hard to quickly sum up all of those things that we have learned while being alive here on Earth? Why can’t I just tell you, “In ten minutes you are going to be hit by a bus, and so in those ten minutes you must quickly itemize what you have learned from being alive.”

Chances are that you would have a blank list. And even if you gave the matter great concentration, you would probably still have a blank list. And yet we know in our hearts that we learn the greatest and most profound things by breathing, by seeing, by feeling, by falling in and out and in and out of love.

It is cooler here… it is quiet. And we are changed souls; we don’t look at things the same way anymore. For there was once a time when we expected the worst. But then the worst happened, did it not? And so we will never be surprised ever again.

Douglas Coupland