the you that you really are.

i read once that you are
a different you
to every person that enters your life
that the you you are to yourself
only exists on one single plane
only exists to you
to your father you are stubborn and
maybe you’ll graduate but maybe you don’t care and
to your mother you are impatient but a dreamer and
maybe one day a doer, but for now and maybe forever
just her baby
and to your brother you’re a different person entirely who
has slept with a few of his friends and
has a tendency to talk about home videos
when you’re drunk
my friend back home once told me
that she loves me because
i am still true to myself
this makes me wonder
which me i am being true to
in order for her to love me
and if my dog really does think i am
a better person
than i actually am
on any plane
life is long and the days pull gold and blue from
every corner to every edge and
it maybe is too hard to be
all these different people and
maybe letting someone down is
the fault of their expectations and
not the result
of the you that you
really are

Marquita Rae

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