my darling jetter. (2)

Saw him at a party. I saw her too, the pale mannequin he’s with. She’s tall and pretty. He was far, and I didn’t need to come near. I decided to stay away.

But he saw me.

I smiled at him. Happy-for-you smile. As I was happy, for him. He’s alive. And happy. Doesn’t matter if it’s without me.

He raised his glass and nodded, smiling back at me. And with that I let go.

How liberating. To be the bigger person. When you don’t feel like owning anything, anyone, but memories. Only memories.

Life goes on. 

10 thoughts on “my darling jetter. (2)

  1. “the pale mannequin…” #love the whole moment. Spent a decade in the land of models and cocktail parties. It was pretty and perfect, and I have absolutely no desire to go back…well almost none. 😉

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  2. “Hiraeth” is a great word for damaged people. I still think about a girl I loved in 1989, but it was a love imprisoned in that moment. She has completely forgotten what we had; I still grieve for the way I abandoned her.

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