heavier than you thought.

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3 thoughts on “heavier than you thought.

  1. It is always heavier isn’t it? My post recently, at least my last Facebook Live was all about struggling and struggling with things emotionally as a mom and wife, artistically as a writer and as a new startup. It always seems that it comes in waves and things hit you all at once, to test you and see how much weight you can carry. I have to learn that the things I can’t bury I must give away, and to try not to control things that are beyond my control. My how that is an incredibly difficult thing to do. I’m so glad I read this and I’m so glad you posted it, I feel like I needed to see it as a reminder. That it’s okay to let things go. Bury things that are not useful or helpful. Just focus on what is. Sometimes what remains is so much heavier than you expect. Thank you for posting this.

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