a kind of loneliness.

there is a kind of loneliness that comes from being with people. the kind that is more about a recognition of the failure of communication. the gaps. like the other day this woman came over and i served her tea…

the woman told me of her career trajectory, which i have already heard in this same excruciating detail twice before. it involves a broken engagement and an incomplete PhD program. which she considers failure, having come from some ambitious North Shore whatever world. i don’t consider either thing failure at all.

still she speaks to me as if i am her judge, or confessor. i felt so lonely hearing her stories, because i know they are about her and her issues and her judges and have nothing to do with me.

i nod, sip my tea, thinking about how hard it is to really truly connect with another human being.

Suzanne Scanlon, Promising Young Women.

6 thoughts on “a kind of loneliness.

      1. Even the messenger deserves credit! Thank you for your words, I appreciate them so much so and they mean a lot. ✨ *Sorry if this is a repeat, I can’t tell if my first attempt at a reply went through 🙂

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