one of the many talents i have is crying without looking like i’m crying. and it didn’t come naturally like some people (who are strong and together and stand in test of challenges in life). it comes from years and years of i can’t cry right now im in a meeting or, i can’t cry right now he’s right there and he’s looking. so there i develop a swallowing technique where you swallow your tears without letting them drop everytime. i could just swallow and swallow and sip my wine like i have no care in this world.

the thing about being the person everyone leans on (yes it’s okay not to be okay and all that) there’s a house of cards and i’m the one who’s holding it down and it’s not good for everyone’s morale if i fall apart. so if you need to laugh today, i’ll have ten jokes ready for you (whilst swallowing my tears into a very beautiful, graceful laugh).

cheers mate!

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