Where You Left Me

The inward life tells us that we are multiple not single, and that our one existence is really countless existences holding hands like those cut-out paper dolls, but unlike the dolls never coming to an end. When we say, ‘I have been here before,’ perhaps we mean, ‘I am here now,’ but in another life, another time, doing something else. Our lives could be stacked together like plates on a waiter’s hand. Only the top one is showing, but the rest are there and by mistake we discover them.

Sexing the Cherry, Jeanette Winterson


4 thoughts on “Where You Left Me

  1. This immediately reminded me of “Griffin and Sabine”…do you know it? the trilogy of post cards and letter in envelopes that you open like when mail was still a thing? Oh, I long for a letter and hand written words… do people still say long? 💙

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      1. This past summer my daughter brought me the first book from a church yard book sale not knowing I had read it so many years ago… life is full of magical reminders. There are no such things as coincidences, are there?

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