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When I, My Own Daughter

New Upcoming Covers (6)When I, My Own Daughter is a story about a young woman coming of age, who is struggling to come to terms with her life and the legacy her mother left her. She traces her own history from the time she was born to the death of her mother, which comes about as static dialogue articulated to different narratees, generating communication gaps while voicing the dynamic of sisterhood in oppression. Oftentimes they are one and the same but at times they serve juxtapositions: reality v. dreams; and that of the experienced and the innocent. In an ocean of  symbols and metaphors, When I, My Own Daughter attempts to speak of domestic abuse without necessarily being abusive; it attempts a suicide without being suggestive nor suicidal; it means to talk about rape without being violent; it implies incest without breaking taboos. But most of all, it is a love story like none other.


Letters to Sylvia

Letter to Sylvia Cover

Letters to Sylvia is personal, hence political. A collection of poems on womanhood and self-redefinition carved in bodily experience, affirming existential connection between the mind and the carnal. Letters to Sylvia is celebrating women by challenging internalised patriarchal culture and at the same time, toying with its ideas of femininity and its complexity. This book is an invitation to all who identify as women to write their body as the site to their narratives.



Poetica, Vol. 1

poeticaPoetica is the debut poetry collection by the Instagram global platform, By Me Poetry. This exquisite and thought provoking book features poems, microtales, interviews and prose from 200 of the most talented, popular and exciting new voices on Instagram today. The poets included in this first volume are: Sarah Doughty, L.E. Bowman, Daren Colbert, Caroline White, Chris Peterson, Lindsay O’Connell, M.Firechild, Emily Byrnes and many more.

One of my poems “Write, Woman!” is included in this anthology. It’s an amazing experience to be involved in such massive project. I am embracing myself as the “new voice” and it feels wonderful to be heard and acknowledged.